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Kavanová Veronika - Talking Method, Book 2.


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Druhý díl Talking Method Vám rozšíří slovní zásobu a naučí vás používat nová slova ve větách, a to tak, že správně, rychle a bez překládání v hlavě. V prvním dílu jste zvládli základní anglická slova a gramatiku. Učili jste se přesně dané odpovědi. Druhý díl vám dá více volnosti k tvoření vlastních vět.

“As a teacher with 15 years’ experience teaching English using “classic” textbooks such as Headway I was curious when I heard about the Talking Method. It sounded like such a great idea, but could it really do what other textbooks couldn’t?I was asked to check the early versions of the Talking Method books and offer any suggestions for improvement. When I started to read Book One, I was amazed at how simple yet brilliantly effective the system was. Instead of having to memorise long vocabulary lists and complicated grammar rules, with this method students learn to speak and communicate right from the very first lesson. Well, the true purpose of learning a foreign language should be to communicate, after all. The Talking Method combines spea-king and listening in a fun and interactive way; moreover, unlike many other forms of tea-ching, everything the students learn is useful in real-life situations. This, in my opinion, is one of the greatest advantages of the course. Starting with simple sentence structures, the method quickly develops the students’ ability to naturally and intuitively form much more complex sentences that are useful in day-to-day life.I consider it an honour to be involved with the Talking Method. I truly believe it is one of the best and most effective ways for a non-native speaker to learn to communicate in En-glish. The lessons are entertaining for the students and for the teacher, and not a single moment in class is wasted.I would definitely recommend this method for anyone who wants to start learning English or would like to improve the skills they already have.”
Steve Coleman

B5, brožovaná, 133 stran
ISBN 978-80-7453-412-6