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Neoslavonic is a dialect of Interslavic - the zonal constructed language.  It is an auxiliary language, which looks to be very similar to real spoken Slavic languages and continues the tradition of the Old Church Slavonic language.  Neoslavonic shares grammar and common vocabulary with modern spoken Slavic languages in order to build a universal language tool that Slavic people can understand without any or with very minimal prior learning.  It is an easy-learned language for those who want to use this language actively.  Neoslavonic enables passive (e.g.  receptive) understanding of the real Slavic languages.  Non-Slavic people can use Neoslavonic as the door to the big Slavic world.  There is a web page about this book here http://www.neoslavonic.org/book)

811.16* Slavic languages.  811.92* Artificial languages for use among human beings, auxiliary interlanguages.
376*  Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools.

164 pages     ISBN 978-80-7453-291-7

Support for this book was provided by the research project "Collaboration of the Czech Republic with CERN laboratories - LA08015" of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Vojtěch Merunka is born in 1967 in Čáslav, Central Bohemia, where he spent his early life and graduated from high school. 
Originally a master in computer engineering, he became a Ph.D. in data processing and mathematical modeling and an associate professor in information management at the Czech University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management and the Czech University of Technology in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering.  He is professionally interested in object-based programming languages and object-oriented methods and tools for modeling and simulation.  Vojtěch has among other activities long been concerned in conlanging.  This book is a summary of his practical experience in the international collaborative project Interslavic over the last three years.

B5, 164 STRAN

ISBN 978-80-7453-291-7